Thursday, May 3, 2012


actually for the last two week i had replace PA for deputy managing director..she's gone for honeymoon..
this is the first time for me to replace her.. before this I had experience replacing PA for CEO.. but its only for one day.. the last two week was a very challenging time for me.. two week is enough for me to understand her boss..

TODAY.. he ask for a blanko.. huh??? what is blanko???

there are two guest sitting at his table.. look at me straight towards my face.. i guess my face had turn out to be a RED spot there! what a shamed.. i didnt know LIQUID PAPER OR CORRECTION PEN is the blanko that he asked for...

honestly i never heard the word before.. is it blanko stand for a brand? like maggie?

p/s: sorry for grammar error and dizzy word. i am student too.. so do correct me if i am wrong..

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